• The citizens are first and foremost.  

  • There can be development without destruction.  The commission is in the process of rewriting the Unified Land Development Code.  This code is the backbone for development and preservation of natural environment.  

  • Development should truly pay for itself.   I proposed an increase to the development impact fee rate from 42.5% to 75%.  While I still believe it should be 100%, compromise was paramount.  

  • North Port has the potential to become the mecca for eco-tourism. We approved the Warm Mineral Springs Master Plan to preserve this historical gem.  

  • We need a hospital.  We worked with our state legislature and were successful in getting the Certificate of Need requirement abolished.   Our work is not finished.  We are now advocating to prevent paying taxes to Sarasota Memorial Hospital so a hospital provider can call North Port home.   

  • We need skilled jobs, commerce, and industry.  We applied for a grant to run city water and sewer to the I-75 interchanges.  I advocated for adding money slated for a neighborhood expansion of city utilities to be reallocated to the interchanges to increase the probability of a grant approval.  As of this writing, we are still waiting for the Governor’s approval.

  • We need to protect our water supply and overall environment.   We halted the Springhaven Road development to protect a vital wildlife corridor between the Myakkahatchee Creek and Little Salt Springs.   We are continuing to purchase land to preserve the Myakkahatchee Creek corridor.


I have the experience to see these projects, and many others, through to completion -- 

  • The Unified Land Development Code

  • The Hospital Initiative 

  • A new I-75 interchange (near Yorkshire or Raintree)

  • A master plan for Activity Center 6, Yorkshire area

  • Adding city water and sewer lines for commercial corridors as a top priority before expansion within neighborhood.

  • Expansion of our city buildings - including a utility building, police department, public works and a new fire station 

  • Optimize the relationship with the residents of Wellen Park (aka West Villages)

  • A new, spacious Veteran's Park 

I Still Believe: